What to expect

 I’m constantly studying the world and events around me. It’s tough trying to believe the stories and view points that I see everyday on large, corporate media networks. I imagine in my mind this scenario: “if I were the owner of a gigantic media company, and I had investments and companies throughout the world, and I wanted the region to be affected in a geopolitical manner, why wouldn’t I just publish or spin stories to millions in order to change thier point of view on a subject, support elected officials to take action, and use diplomatic or military means to complete the objective.”

   Haha, some of you are out of your mind in disbelief at this point. “why would someone do that?” Yeah, I used to beleive the same thing. Do me a favor before you cast judgement though. Buy a shovel and a submarine. Go to Iraq and bring me back WMD, and then dive down and bring me the remains of bin Laden. You’ve now seen two cases in which media swept our social opinion and forced us to back the game changers in the world to create and mold the world in a way that would benefit them better.  

    I will start by writing about topics, mostly current events, but I will also start explaining older concepts and trying to piece together the larger puzzle. Writing as much as I can and posting in a steady manner that will contain the most truth and not to further lead people askew. I seek feedback, whether good and bad and encourage the right to free speech. Try to moderate your tone and avoid anger and language that will tarnish this sight and turn viewers away. Thank you.


§ 4 Responses to What to expect

  • dana says:

    bring it on….

  • Tal Farlow says:

    Man love the blog got your icon on my iPhone so I can check everyday!

  • aka2455 says:

    It’s wonderful to see someone with enough courage and insight to expose the truth. We are headed towards a new world order and the extreme global powers that control the banks and the media have used these resources to cause most Americans exist in a matrix of deception that is perceived as truth. It is written that in the last days great deception will occur and if it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. The door of this deception has been opened.

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