$16 Trillion has Disappeared in Illegal Bailouts

September 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

     You and I were told that $800 billion was given by the Federal Reserve, under TARP, to “too big to fail” banking institutions in 2008. After the first audit of the Federal Reserve in 100 years, it has been revealed that the Fed released $16 TRILLION to financial institutions for bailouts, including FOREIGN banks. For those of you who are not so savvy with numbers, this means that our current national debt, which has risen to $16 TRILLION (the highest amount since our nation was debt free in 1835), is the same equivalent to the amount that the Fed administered for bailouts, with no oversight, Congressional approval, nor any plans to reveal the facts. Since the Federal Reserve prints fiat money (fake money, since it is not backed by any hard asset), and then sends the “bill” (secured bonds) to the Dept of the Treasury, the current national debt rests on the shoulders of the American People. But let’s do a little more math.
     No one really knows the amount of debt that truly exists. Even though the official number is $16 TRILLION, the amount of money that has been borrowed from the Social Security fund and other assets has not been added to that number. Right now our real national debt lies somewhere between $54 and $75 TRILLION. It is mathematically impossible for this nation to ever pay off that debt. So why does the money keep disappearing and the debt continually accruing? It’s not because everyone is in the dark about the subject. Multiple personalities from the left and right speak everyday about the form and fashion of our economy. Most citizens see the information everyday, but we keep our head down and keep moving through the pasture gates like a brow-beaten mule. We pull the plows and dig the furrows of this economy and reap absolutely no benefit from the harvest.
     The only considerable explanation of why this system keeps operating the way it does; THEY ARE NOT PLANNING ON PAYING IT BACK AND THEY KNOW THAT A TIME WILL SHORTLY ARISE WHERE MONEY WILL NOT EXIST IN IT’S CURRENT FORM. That’s right. The system of the Federal Reserve is an illegal operation, has been since its inception in 1912, and it’s implementation in 1933. Our laws are even altered to support the existence and illegal operations of the Federal Reserve. The Uniform Commercial Code supports every pillar and column of tyranny that the Fed rests it’s crushing mass upon. The term “credit” replaced the concept of honest men and women relying on their name and word, and only judges us to amount of debt that we can accept from central and private banks.
     The people are told to have perfect credit, and to pay your bills, and are socially forced to be locked inside the confines of a paper box. All the while our own government and banking institutions forcibly take our money, IN OUR NAME AND GOOD FAITH, and squander it as they please. Then they borrow money from us, other nation’s, and private institutions, and squander that money as well. All the while never paying towards the original principal. If we, as individuals, operated in this manner, we would find ourselves in a federal prison.
      As a veteran, it wrenches my heart to tell you that the Republic is dead. This problem will not be solved by democrats, nor republicans. Voting has just become the act of slaves choosing a new master every four years. I usually don’t promote my site or my works, but if you cared enough to read this far in the post, take two seconds and share this on your wall or your blog in the hopes that other’s will follow.
     I leave you with this thought; When the forest becomes choked by strangling vines, and cluttered by years of unchecked undergrowth, a purging fire is necessary to keep the entire forest from self destruction by disease and decay. Brother’s and Sister’s, start pulling out your matches.

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