July 31, 2012

July 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Christianity is being dismantled and any “traditional” values are being considered as hate speech. Islam is taking it’s place, not because the Muslim’s are forcing their beliefs, but because the radical sector’s tactics of “convert or be killed” matches the efforts to bring about a one world government. The elite will use Islam to their purpose until the time that the “anti-religion” will be acce…pted. A religion that has no God, no money, and no politics. This is why Zietgiest and Baha’i Faith have been sweeping the world. The people responsible for harboring evil want you to see the evil and blame it on someone else, so that they will not have to point a gun to your head to make you accept the coming change, but you will be fooled and beg for it yourself. How does this happen? The global elite have been perfecting their skills for hundreds of years while the majority of you spent the most of your time watching American Idol and Teen Mom. One does not have to watch old re-runs of GI Joe to see that “knowing is half the battle.” You can choose to unite now under the banner of Freedom and a mankind that has the right to choose their own course, or be damned to stand under the oppression and death of the few that would wish to rule this world and build their cities upon the backs of common slaves. The US Constitution was burned in 1933, The Republic was sold into slavery at the hands of the Federal Reserve in 1933, The US was supposed to follow Hitler’s momentum and oust democracy for Fabian Socialism in 1934, the Bilderberger’s announced the presence of the global elite and released the Uniform Commercial Code to bind every man, woman, and child in 1954. All the warfare, welfare, and complete debauchery of this nation and this world are not happenstance, they are brought about by design. Am I off my meds? You’re damn right I am. While most have a prescription to the bravo sierra tasting kool-aid that is handed out from on high, I have chosen to taste the briars and thorns that are necessary to sieve the heart and tongue to keep the stripes on Old Glory red. If you proclaim to be a patriot and preserve this Republic, maybe you should draw a line in the sand and do the same. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of all who threaten it.

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