On Survival: Becoming Self Sufficient In Times Of Trouble Part Two

April 26, 2012 § 1 Comment

The purpose for expressing the idea’s and knowledge in this series was not out of hobby or to relate to outdoor enthusiasts. If you have stumbled across this site or are a regular subscriber you can gather that the information collected here is for the purpose of education about the current crimes betraying humanity and the ability to fight those crimes by any means necessary.

In Part Two of this discussion on survival I would like to move into the concept of preparing a survival before the conditions present themselves. If you don’t buy into the fact that diminishing civil liberties are turning this nation into a Marxist regime or that the global elite are hell-bent on reducing the population and re-indoctrinating the survivors into a small slave force for their own agenda, than that’s ok. What you can see and what you can agree on is the fact that our economy is disappearing, that a tension between the government and it’s people is reaching towards a potential clash of arms, and that being displaced and having to take charge of your own preservation and survival are outcomes that are becoming increasingly possible.

One man or woman could theoretically survive in any situation for any extended amount of time, but the longer the proximity from safety and recovery exists, the more the cards are against their favor of being able to continue efficiently. It’s a matter or will power, logistics, and sometimes just plain chance. On the other hand, several people, or a small community working together for the perseverance of the group, would only multiply the chances for a safer protective posture and the capability for a better quality of life for the whole.

Let’s break is down like this. Tom is the pilot of a Cessna single engine plane that crashes on a remote island. He miraculously survives in one piece and has no major injuries. On review of the wreckage and the local terrain he calculates that he will have enough supplies to sustain himself for a week. His day’s are spent working around the clock scouring his relative area for food sources and a steady supply of clean water. He takes a battery from the engine compartment and strikes the wire leads together over a rag soaked in fuel or oil to start a fire. He uses a piece of sheared landing strut as a make shift axe to cut materials for a shelter to protect him from the sun, wind, and rain. At the end of the first week he is completely exhausted, has little to show except a fire that can go out if the fuel is not maintained, and a living structure that will protect him from minimal weather conditions. His initial supplies are exhausted and he now has to scavenge every day to find enough food to maintain the amount of calories he is burning. Tom has now become so enthralled in basic survival that he does not have enough time to worry about his rescue, plotting his last known position to figure possible contact from shipping lanes, making devices for signalling, or maintaining the proper amount of rest to keep his health at the levels needed for his high stress environment. What if Tom accidentally consumes a food source or putrid water that leaves him with dysentery or weakens his physical posture? What if seasonal weather patterns find his crash site in a flood zone and he must relocate his entire camp? What if Tom makes contact with indigenous personnel or a local population that see him as a threat and try to attack him? Even though Tom might understand survival and be fully capable of conducting it, his will power, logistics, and chances are now narrowing in the wrong margins for him. Tom’s fictional character did not have the ability of knowing that his plane would crash or that he would have to fight for his survival. Every one of you reading this now know that your “plane” is in terrible danger of taking the plunge and have the ability to brace and prepare for that event.

Establishing a group of like-minded people or a small community of friends or family who see the facts and decide to prepare for the worst can be an easily achieved objective. Creating a commune of 30-50 like-minded individuals who bring different skills and experiences could mean maintaining long-term stability and protection. With so many personalities and skills being brought to bear in one common goal, the chances of the whole surviving increase exponentially. Establishing this commune of sorts is basically making a miniature replica of society and infrastructure, only having no need for superfluous roles like beauty or entertainment. Member’s should be sought out that display common sense and possess some sort of skill that would translate into a greater protective posture and better quality of life for the group. Knowledge of agriculture, fabrication, machining, medicine, dentistry, and construction are just a few. It would also be favorable for most members to be prior military or law enforcement, or be able to use and employ firearms and grasp simple tactics for hunting and defense. Just as protection was the first priority for the lone survivor, so it should be for the group. There may, and probably will, be forces that will try to displace or attack the group for the purpose of extermination or conquest. There will also certainly be groups of roaming local personnel who are surviving by scavenging or stealing from others. While charity and feeling will probably lead most to offer hand outs to those they deem as less fortunate than themselves, it is important to remember that in times of duress or societal downfall,  a human being can psychologically be separated from ethics and morals and behave in the most ruthless manner possible. The group will have to decide on their own the decisions they make in those instances, but the more visibility and contact with the outside the group has, the weaker the protective posture they will be able to maintain.

In a scenario I refer to as the “life raft effect,” if the carrying capacity of the life raft is 5 and there is 2o other people in the water, what will happen if one person swims forward to try to get in the boat? More than likely the entire amount will swarm the boat, sinking it, and the entire group will perish. We must often maintain our group with the concept that no one will enter or have the opportunity to conduct espionage of the the facilities in order to ensure the best outcome for our survival. Brutal as that might seem, survival is unfortunately not a “gentleman’s” game, nor a subject with fairy tale endings.

The most common question I have received since taking this endeavor to catalog these ideas is  “how do I get people to look around them and see what’s really going on?” While there may not be just one answer I can only give the best advice I can. Slowly indoctrinating people you care for into seeing the facts put forth is the best manner. We must show those around us that we are preparing and moving forward with the ability to fight and survive against all enemies foreign and domestic. Arguing with someone at the bar will get you know where and will just tarnish you as being a hot head and a conspiracy theorist. You must be informed of as much as possible so that you can present the information in as professional and digestible way as possible. You cannot force people to see it and there will be a huge amount that will call you a nut job and will not see the truth until too late. Arguing will do nothing but hurt your cause. Let others see you as having intelligence and resolve and they will be more susceptible to listen to you.

As always, if anyone has any questions about this and input on things I might have missed, please feel free to comment and share. Start preparing for your survival in small steps. If you can’t grow a garden, then stock up on can goods. Keep your weapons clean and maintained and seek out the knowledge to use them if you do not know how. Put money aside to purchase necessary items. Stay organized and develop kits of survival items that you keep in your house or in your vehicle. Keep your eyes open and always search for the truth. If you are reading this, you are the Resistance.


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